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Samples of Stone Masonry and Brick Masonry

Brick masonry

J. Allen Masonry has been repairing stone and brick in Lawrence and Indianapolis houses for more than two decades. We know a thing or two about brick repair after working on thousands of projects.

If you have a brick home, business, or other architectural aspects, you may need to have brick repairs done from time to time. Some homes or businesses may require these brick repairs because the mortar has begun to collapse due to dampness. It was an inferior product because prior brick repairs were uneven or because brick repairs were completed somewhere along the way but with mismatched brick. Regardless of the reason, As mason should perform brick repairs correctly to increase the resale value and integrity of the location or architectural feature.

Brick restorations are sometimes referred to as repointing and tuckpointing in brickwork. These phrases are frequently used interchangeably; however, they can refer to two distinct qualities. Placing plastic mortar into a cut or raked joint to remedy damaged mortar joints in masonry is referred to as repointing in brick restorations. Tuck-pointing is the process of pointing masonry with a flush mortar joint that approximates the color of the masonry units and a contrasting color mortar formed into a thin strip; it can also be the same procedure as repointing.

Even the most observant eyes will have difficulty locating the repair spot when tuckpointing and repointing are done correctly. As a result, you don’t want to hire the first firm you come across that claims low-cost brick repairs. After all, you are investing in the longevity of your home or architectural building.

Common Brick Repair

While there are numerous reasons why brick repairs may be required, the following are more typical.

  • When there is more than 6mm of mortar erosion
  • When the mortar has started to disintegrate
  • When the mortar has hairline fractures.
  • When there are cracks in the mortar between the bricks

J. Allen Masonry knows the significance of good tuckpointing and repointing as brick restoration specialists. We have many years of experience and know-how to apply these brick repairs in such a way that it is difficult to tell where renovations or makeovers have occurred.

J. Allen Masonry wants you to be blown away by the finished brick restorations. Our goal is to ensure that every brick repair job matches the old and new as nearly (if not wholly) as feasible.

In the end, you want this to be done the first time correctly, especially since it is tough to restore another masonry contractor’s bad brick repair project. We take pride in our masonry craftsmanship and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Please let us know if you would want to see some of the work. We most likely had a recent job that was similar to yours.

Don’t put off brick repairs or renovations to your Lawrence or Indianapolis area site. Contact J. Allen Masonry at (463) 222-4525 or fill out our contact form.

Stone Masonry

Stonemasonry is one of the oldest and most flexible building materials, and it is a popular choice in the Indianapolis area. It is the original sustainable material because it comprises clay, sand, limestone, and gravel, all of which are abundant. J. Allen Masonry, situated in Central Indiana, is particularly thrilled with the numerous benefits and applications of brick and stone masonry. Stonemasonry is utilized for mailboxes, patios, sidewalks, fireplaces, and various other structural features due to its adaptability. And there are other advantages to using brick and stone masonry.

Advantages of Stone Masonry

If you are unsure whether to use stone masonry in your Indiana house or office, consider the following:

Durability: Stonemasonry will outlive other building materials such as wood, vinyl siding, and other materials. If a vehicle or other object collides with it, the stone masonry will be unharmed or moderately damaged; however, the secondary goods will be severely damaged. As a result, it is the ideal material for constructing a durable construction.

Thermal Mass: Stonemasonry stores heat or cold before releasing it over time. According to studies, homes and structures with stone masonry have energy expenses up to 30% cheaper than those without stone masonry.

Versatile: Stonemasonry can often be stained or textured to fit your style or architectural design.


Low Maintenance: Stonemasonry and brickwork are simple to maintain. Simply spritz it down or brush it away.

Pest-Free: Stonemasonry homes do not attract pests such as termites, ants, and other insects that feed on wood or vinyl.

Mold Resistant: Because stone masonry resists water penetration, mold cannot form in its fissures. As a result, the indoor air quality is improved and cleaner.

Non-Combustible: You will never witness a stone masonry home burn to the ground. The non-masonry pieces may be damaged or destroyed, yet the stone remains!

Using Stone Masonry to Enhance the Look of Your Home

The numerous advantages of brick and stone masonry make it an excellent choice for not only the façade of your home but also for a variety of other design elements. Stonemasonry can be used to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom or kitchen countertop, a stylish encasement for your mailbox, a permanent property boundary, or a variety of other structural designs such as patios or outdoor kitchens.

If you are planning a new home or considering a home remodeling and have additional questions regarding the benefits of using brick and stone masonry, please call us at (463) 222-4525 or fill out the contact form.