Brick and Stone Mailboxes

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For nearly two decades, J. Allen Masonry has provided the greatest brick mailbox repair and replacement services. We realize the value that a well-designed and functional mailbox can add to the overall curb appeal of your property. Having skilled masonry contractors on your side, such as those at J. Allen, may give you peace of mind that J. Allen will do the job correctly and on time.

The column Mailboxes serve as practical and aesthetically pleasing curbside sentinels. However, their diligent service is frequently disrupted when car accidents occur. J. Allen Masonry’s competent brick & stone mailbox contractors can frequently complete mailbox repairs the same week the disaster happens.

Mailbox Repairs After a Car Accident

Vehicle accidents range from catastrophic to minor. When you contact your insurance provider, let them know J. Allen has over two decades of experience enabling this type of repair. Our initial task will be to determine how many bricks can be salvaged.

If less than 20% of the bricks or stones remain salvageable, we may recommend that you start over with modern brick and mortar. Modern brick and mortar are incredibly durable. This dense substance will preserve your metal mailbox from moisture and require less point-and-tuck mortar repairs over its lifetime.

If 20% or more of your brick can be retrieved (including partial pieces that our professional masons can re-use by rearranging them in the design), our next step will be to obtain replacement brick. We will look for those that are as near to the color and era of your original brick as humanly possible. The second criterion is extremely essential since various permeability bricks require different mortars.

Crumbling or Leaning Mailbox in Columns

Column Mailbox Repair is also required when mailboxes begin to lean, become deformed, or the brick or mortar begins to crumble.

This form of masonry restoration necessitates knowledge of what elements caused the mailbox to shift or decay. Sometimes the answer is simply that no one called a mason when the mortar began to deteriorate. In other instances, drainage and footing difficulties may be present.

J. Allen Masonry has once again been assisting with mailbox repairs for nearly two decades. You can rely on us to get to the bottom of things.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

When disaster hits, it is occasionally advantageous to add changes to your rebuilt column mailbox design. Planters, security drop boxes, rust-free cast aluminum chute mailboxes, cast stone toppers, and address plaques are all options for making your curbside mailbox more functional and aesthetically beautiful.

We’ve been repairing and installing stone, stucco, and brick mailboxes throughout Indianapolis and its surrounding cities for quite some time, keeping up with the newest in mailbox design, repair, and installation. Please let us know if you have a particular color or design in mind for your home. We offer personalized mailbox designs to suit your preferred style and feel.

Brick Mailbox Repair and Replacement

J. Allen specializes in Indiana brick mailbox repair and restoration. We specialize in brick repair as well as the design and installation of column mailboxes. Simply driving through any Indianapolis, IN subdivision and taking a look around would suffice. In no time, you will notice that, though brick, or possibly stucco, is a widely used material, the appearance of brick mailboxes differs significantly.

A brick mailbox is more than just a site where your mail is delivered; it is a work of art that expresses your style or mirrors the appearance of your home’s façade. Brick mailboxes are available in various styles, allowing you to create a unique design.

Brick Mailboxes Come in a Variety of Styles

Brick Mailboxes with Arched Tops

The arched top is one of the more typical brick mailbox styles, and it will typically match your home’s windows or external door. The arched top brick mailbox can be a base with a semi-circle form on top or an eyebrow arch, which has a flatter arch rather than a pie form top.

Steeple Top Brick Mailbox

A steeple top brick mailbox generally mimics the gable of one’s home.

Stone cap Brick Mailbox

Some homeowners prefer a brick mailbox fashioned from pavers or bricks already on their property or driveway. Omega Masonry can accomplish this by creating a unique stone cap for a flat-topped brick mailbox. J. Allen can also customize the stone caps to accommodate your house number, whether you choose to show it with vinyl or a metal plate.

Lockable security boxes

If you frequently have important mail or checks delivered to your home or business, J. Allen can incorporate a lockable security box into the design of your brick mailbox to ensure that your mail is not tampered with and reaches you directly. There are various styles of lockable security boxes available, so consult with a J. Allen Masonry specialist to determine which model will best fit your requirements.

Planter boxes

Want to add some color to your brick mailboxes? Consider a mailbox with built-in planters to give you plenty of space to grow your favorite flowers.

Quoin corners

These are brick mailboxes with one or more brick corners that overhang or indent to fit the corner features of the home.
Whether you’re looking for a stone column or brick mailbox design or you require brick mailbox repair, Omega can help you find the perfect mailbox that not only looks well but also functions well. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We understand what works for our clients and what sets them apart from the competition. Choosing the correct stone or brick mailbox will determine whether or not your neighbors and friends notice.

J. Allen Masonry has extensive experience in brick mailbox repair and unique brick mailbox construction. We would be delighted to meet with you and assist you in determining which type will best suit your style and budget. Please contact us right away. You can call us at (463) 222-4525