Retaining Wall Installation and Repair

Beautifully landscaped retaining wall in Lawrence, Indiana

Retaining Wall Repair

Knowing when it’s time to repair a retaining wall can take various shapes. Residential retaining walls are typically constructed to create attractive terraces for gardening, steps, pathways, and meeting spots. A “sunken” theater or open-air amphitheater is popular in many cities and localities, and they are built with retaining walls.

The primary function of a retaining wall is to prevent soil and substrate from shifting owing to the effects of erosion and gravity. They are also used to control the flow of water. Retaining walls are required to work harder than unsupported walls. Retaining walls are made from a variety of materials. They are typically made of concrete, stone, masonry, brick, steel, and even wood (including railroad ties).

Before constructing a retaining wall, a home or business owner should complete a site survey, design, and plan, or it may cause unexpected complications for the homeowner and surrounding houses. A well-planned retaining wall will ensure adequate water flow and drainage from your property since the retaining wall itself must be adequately drained to decrease or remove any excessive hydrostatic pressure caused by the weight of the soil and water behind the wall.

Signs Your Retaining wall needs repaired

Retaining Wall Separation from Adjoining Walls

Walls that are buckling, cracked or crumbling

Walls That Tilt or lean

Forward Movement of a Wall or Sections of a Wall

Rotting wood

Old Retaining wall in need of repair

We consider numerous aspects when determining how much it will cost to repair the retaining wall. We begin with how it was initially planned or constructed. Was it installed in such a way that it had a “batter” or pitch to it, causing it to lean toward the soil it was designed to hold? Were any tie-backs, commonly known as dead-man anchors, used? Were drains installed under the wall’s foot to divert water away from the wall, preventing pressure from building up and pushing on it? And how did the footings come to be? Was there a bed of compacted gravel underneath, or was it simply laid on loose soil?

We’ll know what we need to do to remedy the problem once we figure out where it’s coming from. Helical anchors can be utilized to draw and hold the original wall in place in specific instances. In other circumstances, a complete rebuild or some masonry work may be required. Omega has years of retaining wall repair and installation knowledge.


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