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Home with gorgeous stucco work on exterior of home

Stucco work For Your Indiana Home

Nothing beats the look and feel of a stucco exterior. Stucco work complements each surface it covers, whether it’s a house, mailbox, columns, fences, or outdoor kitchens. J. Allen Masonry is Lawrence and Indianapolis go-to contractor for quality stucco work.

Low Maintenance: 

Unlike other external siding materials that must be painted or replaced regularly, stucco requires little maintenance. Use a fan-type sprayer with a light detergent to keep your stucco exterior looking beautiful. In most circumstances, this is all that is necessary to remove any dirt buildup

Sound Barrier: 

Because stucco is put in layers, it provides a little sound barrier that reduces noise in the surrounding area.

Fire Resistant: 

Unlike many other exterior siding options, stucco is not flammable. This can also result in lower homeowner’s insurance costs. 


Quick Installation: 

Despite the necessity to apply stucco in numerous coats, you can have a new look for your home in just a few days. Because of its adaptability, stucco can be applied on either wood framing or concrete masonry, making it suitable for any type of Indiana home.

Color possibilities: 

You may have your stucco colored in virtually any color you like. Unlike other siding or exterior finishing alternatives, you are not limited to what a single manufacturer has to offer. Stucco siding allows you to make those options.

More Insulation: 

Because stucco is made of lime, cement, and silica, it provides extra insulation, cutting energy expenditures.



Stucco is a less expensive option for your home’s exterior, costing $3 to $5 less per square foot than brick.

Stucco's Other Applications

Stucco is utilized not just for exterior siding but also for internal walls and aesthetic landscape components such as low fences.

Postboxes: Tired of your mailbox stand being blown over or knocked down? A stucco base for your mailbox not only increases longevity but it also serves as an aesthetic element that can be tailored to match your home.

Stucco Work Repair

While stucco is highly durable, it does require repair on occasion. Stucco repairs are frequently excellent do-it-yourself projects. Our stucco repair contractors are among the best in the business. We can give you the appearance and feel you’ve always wanted, whether you like a smooth finish or something more textured. It is best to contact a J. Allen Masonry professional for large cracks, fissures, or chips.

With so many advantages, stucco work is a practical and popular choice in Indianapolis, IN, communities. If you want to learn more about putting stucco siding on your home, call the J. Allen Masonry team at (463) 222-4525 to set up an appointment. We’d love to meet you and show you how having a stucco exterior may boost the value of your property.